Knowledge and skills

to help you treat

with confidence.

Attending an Invisalign training course prepares you with the knowledge and skills to start your journey as an Invisalign provider.

Invisalign Fundamentals:

Designed to prepare dentists to use the full Invisalign System, providing flexibility in the treatment of a range of case types, even complex cases. The Fundamentals course is best suited for dentists with some existing teeth straightening experience, knowledge of biomechanics terminology and confidence in orthodontic treatment planning.

Fundamentals course dates are shown below, and will be held at the Invisalign Australia Training Centre, 170 Pacific Highway, Greenwich, Sydney. *Note that our February and March courses (Options 1-4) will be delivered online.

Register here for an Invisalign Fundamentals course. Note that attending a pre course online webinar and completing online modules are prerequisites for the Invisalign Fundamentals training. The Invisalign Fundamentals course cost is $1,500 excl. GST.

Invisalign Go

For general dentists with little to no teeth straightening experience, the Invisalign Go training course is the best option. Invisalign Go is an easy to use product, designed for simple teeth straightening cases with up to three chief concerns, or for pre-restorative tooth alignment. 

Invisalign Go courses are offered through Henry Schein and will be held at one of their venues,  click here for more information, or to register for a course.



Step 1


Pre-Training Course


Duration: Approx. 2 hours (evening)

Step 1

Live Training Course

Invisalign Training Centre, Sydney


Duration: Full day, 8.15am -5.30pm

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Option 1 (*online)

Places remaining - 9

Thursday, 07 January

Friday, 12 February

Peter Wroth

Registration Closed

Option 2 (*online)

Places remaining - 9

Wednesday, 27 January

Tuesday, 02 February

Friday, 05 March

Jack Milgate

Registration Closed

Option 3 (*online)

Places remaining - 6

Wednesday, 03 February

Wednesday, 17 February

Friday, 19 March

Peter Wroth

Registration Closed

Option 4 (*online)

Fully Registered

Wednesday, 17 March

Friday, 30 April

Jason Ng

Registration Closed

Option 5

Places remaining - 13

Wednesday, 14 April

Friday, 07 May

Peter Wroth

Registration Closed

Option 6

Places remaining - 10

Wednesday, 05 May

Friday, 18 June

Jack Milgate


Closes: Friday, 21 May

Option 7 (*online)

Places remaining - 15

Tuesday, 18 May

Friday, 02 July

Peter Wroth


Closes: Friday, 04 June

Option 8

Places remaining - 21

Wednesday, 28 July

Friday, 10 September

Jack Milgate


Closes: Friday, 13 August

Option 9

Places remaining - 21

Tuesday, 10 August

Friday, 24 September

Peter Wroth


Closes: Friday, 27 August

Option 10 (*online)

Places remaining - 21

Wednesday, 01 September

Friday, 15 October

Jason Ng


Closes: Friday, 17 September